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Exploring The Benefits Of Assisted Living

Hi there, my name is Patrice. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about assisted living communities with you all today. When my mother reached her elder years, I was unable to provide her with the level of care she needed each day. I wanted her to receive the best of care without feeling like we abandoned her. I set her up in an assisted living community and visited on a regular basis. I want to use this site to talk about all of the benefits of utilizing assisted living facilities for your parents and other loved ones.


Exploring The Benefits Of Assisted Living

Have a Home Health Aide Help You with These Exercises

by Abigail Martin

As seniors age, it becomes even more important for them to stay active to keep their muscles strong and prevent the health complications that can arise from a sedentary lifestyle. If you're concerned about the lack of exercise in your daily routine because you have physical limitations, it's worthwhile to hire a home health aide to provide in-home services. These health professionals can provide a wide range of care services, from administering medication to helping you bathe, as well as improving your health and mobility through exercises at home. Even if you can't endure long workouts, your home health aide can help you through these useful exercises.


You might not have the nerves to try much walking on your own if you're concerned about your stability or balance, but walking is much easier with a home health aide by your side. He or she can clear an area in your home, such as a long hallway, that you can practice walking up and down. Walking is an effective way to get your heart pumping at an increased rate, which is ideal if you sit for the majority of the day. Too much sitting can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, so getting a chance to do some walking with your home health aide can lessen this risk.

Strength Training

Strength training is valuable for people as they age, given that muscle atrophy is a common issue that many senior citizens experience. Stronger muscles can improve your balance and lessen the risk of major injuries when you fall. Your home health aide can provide assistance through a wide range of strength-training activities. For example, if you want to lift one-pound dumbbells, the home health aide can stand beside you and essentially act like a "spotter" at the gym—making sure you complete each rep properly and taking the weight from you if you get tired.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

If you've just had surgery, your doctor will likely recommend that you perform a wide range of exercises, such as stretching. Many of these stretches will require the help of a partner to provide some resistance as well as make sure you're using the proper stretching mechanics. If it's too difficult to visit a physiotherapy clinic to do your stretches, your home health aide can provide this assistance, given his or her knowledgeable background. This can play a key role in helping you recuperate from the surgery that you've gone through.