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Exploring The Benefits Of Assisted Living

Hi there, my name is Patrice. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about assisted living communities with you all today. When my mother reached her elder years, I was unable to provide her with the level of care she needed each day. I wanted her to receive the best of care without feeling like we abandoned her. I set her up in an assisted living community and visited on a regular basis. I want to use this site to talk about all of the benefits of utilizing assisted living facilities for your parents and other loved ones.


Exploring The Benefits Of Assisted Living

Benefits Of Music Therapy For Seniors

by Abigail Martin

If you are having trouble living alone at home due to your age and health, a move to an assisted living facility might be a great solution. These facilities offer many types of assistance to the residents, and they also offer a lot of activities and entertainment. One activity you might enjoy that is commonly offered at assisted living facilities is music therapy. Music therapy is not only enjoyable, but it can also offer a variety of benefits to you too. Here are some of them.

Music improves brain functions

Music therapy might involve live singers with instruments or recordings, or it might simply involve sitting in a room listening to CDs of classical music, oldies, or other types of music. When you listen to music, it encourages the brain to think, and this is great for brain health. This is why music therapy is often used for seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Certain types of music or songs may trigger memories within your mind that you have not thought of in years, and this is great for your brain.

Music can make you feel happier

There is something about music that makes people feel happier, especially when they are listening to the type of music they like. This is primarily because music has a way of triggering a part of the brain that is responsible for moods. This is often why people listen to music when they feel sad or nervous, simply because the music has a way of calming their nerves and making them feel happier.

Music may help you stay healthier

A recent study on this subject concluded that listening to music has positive effects on a person's health. These effects can include lower blood pressure and a reduction in anxiety. Researchers believe this is because music affects a person's nervous system, which has a lot of control over the functions of the heart and other body parts.

It's also important to realize that music therapy may also be helpful for reducing pain. When you listen to music, it can trigger your brain to produce happy thoughts and chemicals. As this happens, your brain may release chemicals that resemble natural painkillers, and this might help you feel less pain in your body.

If you are considering moving to an assisted living facility and would like to take advantage of the benefits of music therapy, look for a facility that offers this. To learn more, contact an assisted living community near you.